Sensei Brody Burns


Sensei Brody Burns

4th Degree Black Belt
WIKF USA Board of Directors

Sensei Burns started training in August of 1990 at the age of 18 while attending classes at Collin County Community College.  He studied under Sensei Diana Worthen in Wado Shinzen Kai karate.  Sensei Burns joined the Worthen Karate Academy and trained heavily everyday at the dojo until he moved to College Station to attend Sam Houston State University in the fall of 1992.  While away at school he traveled home every weekend to train privately with Sensei Worthen and fellow karate-ka Kevin Brown.  Sensei Burns trained with Sensei Worthen's instructor, Shihan Tom Sergent of Waco, to supplement his regular training.  In1995, Sensei Burns graduated from college and returned to his hometown of Plano where he continued to train under Sensei Worthen. January 1, 1996 Sensei Worthen retired from teaching karate and passed the dojo to Sensei Burns` long time friend, Sensei Free.  Sensei Burns immediately became a partner in the ownership of the dojo and the dojo renamed the Academy of Classical Karate-do.  In the fall of 1996 Sensei Burns earned his black belt from Shihan Tom Sergent and Shodai John Hawk inward Shinzen Kai.  In the fall of 2000 Sensei Burns earned his second degree black belt, testing in front of a prestigious review board consisting of Master Roy Kurban, Shihan Ivan Lewis (Goju-ryu),Sensei James Melton (Shotokan), Sensei Makio Nishida (Kyokushin kai), Shihan Tom Sergent (Wado) and Shodai John Hawk (Wado). In September of 2001, Sensei Burns was awarded his Sensei title at the Academy of Classical Karate-do.

Sensei Burns was a Police Officer for the City of Grand Prairie, Texas until 2008 when he became a Federal Agent. He has a Bachelor of Science Degree from Sam Houston State University in Criminal Justice and is currently a General Assignment Investigator assigned to various types of crimes that occur throughout the city.  In addition to his investigative duties, he was the Defensive Tactics Coordinator for the Police Department and was responsible for training fellow Officers in the proper use of force and control tactics.  He has trained with federal agencies including the FBI and the Department of Energy.  He is on the faculty at Collin County Community College where he has taught Self-Defense and Karate courses to hundreds of students.  He is currently the Chairman of the Safety and Security Committee for Collin County Community College District, which oversees security measures and safety procedures for students, faculty and staff.

Sensei Burns was an active competitor both locally and nationally earning national ranking, State Championship titles and the TKL Golden Eagle Award.  He is both an ASEP certified coach and AAU National level Coach. He is the Head Coach of Team WIKF Texas, the competition team of the Academy of Classical Karate-do and Team Coach for WIKF USA.  Sensei Burns is proud of his team's track record and has coached several State and National Champions.  He has helped members of the team qualify for the US National Karate Team and represent the United States in international competitions. He is currently the National Karate Federation Tournament Operations Director.

Sensei Michael Cimino-Hurt

Michael Cimino-Hurt
4 th Degree Black Belt
WIKF Board Member

Michael Cimino-Hurt started training in Shotokan Karate in 1970, but had to stop due to travel in his work. He started Wado-Ryu karate in 1980 and has continued to study to the present. Mr. Hurt trains regularly with Tatsuo Suzuki Sensei. He has also trained with many other leading Wado-Ryu instructors, including Hironori Ohtsuka II son of the founder, Kazuo Sakai, Masafumi Shiomitsu, Toshio Osaka, Hideho Takagi and others.

Mr. Hurt has also trained with other notable martial artists, including Shizuya Sato, Hanshi 9th dan Nihon Jujutsu; Tadanari Nobetsu, Hanshi 9th dan Seidokan Goju-Ryu; Ikuo Higuchi, Kyoshi 8th dan Gima Ha Shoto Ryu karatedo; Patrick McCarthy, Kyoshi 7th Dan Koryu Uchinadi; and Hugh Davey, Kyoshi 7th dan Sennin Budo Ryu Aiki-jujutsu.

Mr. Hurt has also trained in police tactics with Norm Belsterling, Kyoshi 7th dan Shorin Ryu karate; Jujutsu; Judo; Taiho-jutsu.

As well as empty hand arts, Mr. Hurt studies and teaches Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu iaido, traditional Japanese sword, and Shinto Muso Ryu jodo. He has trained in sword arts with Kazuo Yamaguchi, 10th dan Hanshi, Tadao Ochiai, 9th dan Hanshi, Bob Ward, 5th dan Renshi and Hidetoshi Iwasa, 7th dan Kyoshi.

Mr. Hurt currently teaches karate and iaido in Reston, Virginia and in Oakton, Virginia. Michael Cimino-Hurt has received the rank of 4th dan in Wado-Ryu karate from Tatsuo Suzuki Sensei, and is a licensed instructor in the Wado International Karatedo Federation. He has also been ranked 2nd dan in Muso Jikiden Eishin-Ryu iaido by Kokusai Budoin.

Sensei Scott Meek

Mr. Meek was born on November 15th, 1962.  In 1977 he started Wado Karate at Bushido Karate Schools in Nashville Tennessee.  At his brown belt promotion, he received one of his senior’s old brown belts.  This belt belongs to Shodan Jack Farris.  At this time, Mr. Meek took over the children’s program at the Gallatin Rd. Dojo.  Three of the students in his class went on to open dojos of their own.   They were Melvin Brown Jr. (Peanut), Larry Maddin, and Bobby Austin.

On July 26th 1982 Wayne Tyler awarded Sensei Meek his shodan.  Three months before, at Mr. Meeks roommate’s request, he entered and won a boxing match against an amateur boxer at Middle Tennessee Fight Night.  This proves that Wado was effective outside the prior tournaments which Sensei had competed in.  Sensei Meek has competed in over 300 tournaments since 1977.

In 1990Mr. Meek ran the Brentwood Dojo for David Deaton Karate and came back in 2000 to run the dojo again.  Mr. Deaton is credited by Mr. Meek to have made him a good businessman and man of character.  For one year, he ran Kum Sung Tae Kwon schools in middle Tennessee as well as being the program director for three months at Conrad Jones Karate.  He is currently a 5th Degree Wado International Black Belt and teaches full time at his dojo in New Johnsonville.

Mr. Meek was rated #2  In the Georgia karate League in Kata, kumite, and Kobudo in the year 2008.

Sensei Meek also has a Bachelors of Science Degree through Middle Tennessee State University.  Recently Sensei Meek was named to the Board of Directors W.I.K.F USA and as the Treasurer.

Sensei Doug Jepperson

Doug Jepperson

6th Degree Black Belt
Board of Directors - WIKF USA

Doug Jepperson began his karate training in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1966 under Ed Parker founder of American Kenpo. A few years later Toshio Osaka 8th Dan Wado Ryu moved to Salt Lake in 1969, and Sensei Jepperson switched schools after seeing one demonstration of Shihan Osaka’s technique.

But Sensei Jepperson would say his biggest inspiration came from his Sempei Joe Sheeron and Rick Hobusch, with whom he still has close relationships after thirty-five years.

Sensei Jepperson is one of the very few practitioners of Wado to receive Dan Grading in all three groups of the Wado style, Wado Kai, JKF under The Founder Master Hironori Otsuka, Wado Kai JKF with Toshio Osaka, Wado Kai, JKF with Tatsuo Suzuki, Wado Ryu with H. Ohtsuka II, Wado Kai JKF with T. Mano, WIKF with Tatsuo Suzuki 8th Dan Hanshi

Sensei Jepperson has had all of the top Wado Instructors in the world teach at his own dojo, including, Teru Arakawa, coach of Nichidai and technical head of Wado Kai, Hironori Otsuka II, head of Wado Ryu, Tatsuo Suzuki most senior Wado instructor in the world 8th Dan Hanshi, Shihan Toshio Osaka, Masafumi Shiomitsu, Kiyoshi Yamazaki, Kazutaka Ohtsuka the grandson of the founder Hironori Ohtsuka, Toshio Takahashi, S. Kurobane, and the All Japan Team Coach Seiji Nishimura to name a few.

Sensei Jepperson received a B.A at the university of Utah with majors in English and Architecture, Cum Laude. Sensei Jepperson then did post graduate work in the Graduate School of Architecture for his M. Arch. Years later Sensei returned to school while living in Tennessee to study for his MBA at Vanderbilt University’s Owen School of Management.

IN addition to karate Sensei has worked as a writer and publisher.

Publication and layout design
Crazy Horse Chronicles
War of the Mormon Cow
Black Robe Woman, including cover design
Two Fires in the Night
Copyright pending
Technical Manuals for factory built housing
Design Approval Manual for Modular Housing
Create Modular Housing Applications
Crazy Horse Forensic research on tintype “The Only Photograph of Chief Crazy Horse”
Dojo Tales

Training in Japan several times Sensei Jepperson was lucky enough to train at Nichidai, (Nihon University) the top karate college in Japan. And H. Murasai in Kyushu.

Sensei Jepperson, competed in the 1970’s and 1980’s, winning local, national and international titles, and he is proud to say he has participated in nine major International events, AAU, WUKO, Wado Kai USNKF, as a competitor, coach, and referee. Additionally Sensei has competed in Division I College Freestyle Wrestling, AAU Wrestling and boxing.

Tournament History
1st place AAU Utah state free style wrestling 1972, 72, 74
1st place Utah Open 1977
3rd place Nevada state championships
2nd place Utah Kei Shin Kan
1st place Idaho State Championships 1978
2nd place Colorado State championships 1979
1st place New Mexico Open 1980
3rd place Colorado State championships 1980
Wado Kai National Team member 1980, 1984
Wado World Championship in Tokyo, Japan, over 1,000 entered
2nd place Utah Open 1982
1st place AAU Utah State Championships
1st place AAU Western Regional Championships 1982
2nd place AAU Western Regional Championships 1984
AAU National Team Pool
3rd place Pan American, Curacao Dutch Antilles Championships, Kata 1995
USA Coach 1989, 1992 Tokyo Japan Wado Ryu
USA Coach Wado Ryu World Championships, Tokyo Japan 1992,
USA Coach WIKF Nationals, Salt Lake 1994,
USA Coach WIKF Pan Am Games Curacao 1995 ,
USA Coach WIKF World Championships Orlando Florida1997
USA Coach WIKF World Championships Dominican Republic 2001

WUKO License Referee
State Referee, WUKO
Regional Referee WUKO
National Referee USAKF
Referee, Wado Ryu World Championships, Tokyo Japan
Referee WIKF World Championships Athens Greece
Referee Utah Open 1980 to 2005

Sensei Jepperson continues to teach and train after more than 44 years in the marital arts.

Sensei Arturo Girona

Arturo Girona

7th Degree Black Belt
General Secretary, WIKF
Pan America
World Treasurer, WIKF

Arturo Girona started his Karate training in 1970 in Mexico City. In 1982, while living in London, he started training under Suzuki Sensei at the Hombu Dojo in Fulham. Since then, Girona has been instrumental in spreading WIKF throughout South America. He organized and accompanied Suzuki Sensei to his first seminar in Venezuela (1984), Florianopolis, Brazil (1995) and helped establish WIKF in Chile. His focus now is to support and help spread WIKF throughout the USA, Central and South America.  While training under Suzuki Sensei, Girona has trained and competed in Japan (1990, 1991 and 1995). He also has extensive competition experience. Some highlights of his credentials are:

* Member of WIKF World Team - exhibition match - vs - Japanese Team in Iwakuni, Japan (1995).
* Member of Team USA at the 1993 WIKF World Championships in Athens, Greece.
* Member of WIKF World Team - exhibition match -vs- Japanese National Team in Toride, Japan (1991).
* Member of Team USA at the 1989 World Wado Cup in London, England.
* 1989 Kumite (fighting) Champion, Sunshine State Games.
* 1988 Champion in Kata (forms) and Silver medal in Kumite, USKF Florida State Championship.
* Silver medal Kumite, 1990 USKF Florida State Championships.
* Finalist, United Kingdom Karate-Do Wado Championships (London, 1981).
* Finalist, US Open (1981 and 1980 ).