Sensei Scott Meek

Mr. Meek was born on November 15th, 1962.  In 1977 he started Wado Karate at Bushido Karate Schools in Nashville Tennessee.  At his brown belt promotion, he received one of his senior’s old brown belts.  This belt belongs to Shodan Jack Farris.  At this time, Mr. Meek took over the children’s program at the Gallatin Rd. Dojo.  Three of the students in his class went on to open dojos of their own.   They were Melvin Brown Jr. (Peanut), Larry Maddin, and Bobby Austin.

On July 26th 1982 Wayne Tyler awarded Sensei Meek his shodan.  Three months before, at Mr. Meeks roommate’s request, he entered and won a boxing match against an amateur boxer at Middle Tennessee Fight Night.  This proves that Wado was effective outside the prior tournaments which Sensei had competed in.  Sensei Meek has competed in over 300 tournaments since 1977.

In 1990Mr. Meek ran the Brentwood Dojo for David Deaton Karate and came back in 2000 to run the dojo again.  Mr. Deaton is credited by Mr. Meek to have made him a good businessman and man of character.  For one year, he ran Kum Sung Tae Kwon schools in middle Tennessee as well as being the program director for three months at Conrad Jones Karate.  He is currently a 5th Degree Wado International Black Belt and teaches full time at his dojo in New Johnsonville.

Mr. Meek was rated #2  In the Georgia karate League in Kata, kumite, and Kobudo in the year 2008.

Sensei Meek also has a Bachelors of Science Degree through Middle Tennessee State University.  Recently Sensei Meek was named to the Board of Directors W.I.K.F USA and as the Treasurer.